Gharany Gemstone

About Us

Gharany Gemstone, a distinguished member of the renowned Gharany Group of Companies, is a leading Afghan enterprise specializing in the procurement and trading of precious and semi-precious gemstones. Established in 2021, we hold the exclusive national license from the Ministry of Industry and Trade of Afghanistan for gemstone trading.

Gharany Gemstone is a leading Afghan enterprise that specializes in curating a wide selection of contemporary rough gemstone pieces. Our company is distinguished by our hands-on approach to sourcing our gemstones; our team ventures directly into the rugged and breathtakingly beautiful Afghan landscape to explore its vast mineral wealth. Afghanistan is home to a vast array of precious gemstones, and we take pride in procuring the very finest specimens. Our collection includes a variety of gems, such as Panjshir emeralds, Nuristan and Kunar tourmaline, Jegdalek and Badakhshan ruby, Badakhshan lapis lazuli, Badakhshan spinel, and many others, all meticulously selected to ensure their authenticity and beauty.

At Gharany Gemstone, we offer a wide range of natural, unpolished gemstones, minerals, and crystals in rough form. Our customers can rest assured that every gemstone in our collection is handpicked with great care and attention to detail. We are committed to providing our customers with a unique and personalized gemstone buying experience, one that allows them to connect with the natural world and discover the many benefits and healing properties of these remarkable gems.

Whether you are searching for a stunning piece of jewelry, a gemstone with specific healing properties, or simply the perfect addition to your collection, we invite you to explore our unparalleled selection and experience the magic of Gharany Gemstone.


Gharany Gemstone is a company driven by a singular mission: to unlock the captivating potential of Afghan gemstones. We achieve this by championing these exquisite treasures on the global stage through strategic partnerships, participation in international exhibitions, and curated auctions. Our unwavering commitment to quality ensures every gem meets the highest standards. We employ rigorous selection processes and cutting-edge technology to guarantee flawless clarity, captivating color, and masterful cuts. Beyond simply selling gemstones, we craft a personalized experience, guiding you towards the perfect stone to fulfill your desires – a mesmerizing piece of jewelry, a gemstone with specific healing properties, or a cherished collector’s item.


Gharany Gemstone envisions a world where the captivating brilliance of Afghan gemstones is celebrated and accessible. We aspire to become a leading force in the global gemstone trade, recognized for ethical and responsible sourcing practices. We ignite a passion for gemstones, sharing our knowledge and educating enthusiasts about their history, lore, and potential healing properties. Ultimately, Gharany Gemstone empowers economic growth in Afghanistan by showcasing the value and beauty of these natural treasures. We strive to foster a flourishing domestic market and empower Afghan communities.

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