Badakhshan Spinel

Beautiful Parcel of 335 Gram Badakhshan Purple Spinel.

Stone Type:Purple Spinel
Total Weight:335 Gram
Total Pieces:744
Size:1 Gram to 3 Grams
Shape:Raw Stones
Color:Light to dark Purple
Clarity:Eye clean, Clean
Treatment:No Treatment
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The Afghan spinels in today’s market are almost all untreated. Their relatively modest prices, availability in nearly any color, and suitability for most types of jewelry make them even more inviting. Afghan spinels range from strong, deep colors to very light pastels, coming in all shades of pink, lavender, red, red-orange, purple, blue, and even black. The varieties are usually referred to by their color. The red and blue varieties are perhaps the most celebrated since they were historically identified as rubies and sapphires. (Spinels are also close to corundum in terms of luster and hardness).

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Light to Dark Purple


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